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Pool Cleaning Las Vegas

There are several reasons why a pool is a fantastic investment. It provides a reprieve from the Las Vegas heat. It's a prime place for social and family gatherings. It also boosts the curb appeal of the home.

But, for all the exciting reasons to have a pool, no one gets excited about cleaning it. That is where Las Vegas Pool Pros comes in. With decades of collective pool cleaning experience, we have restored pools across Las Vegas to their full potential. Whether you need weekly pool service or pump repair, we are the name people trust to keep their pool looking great all year.

Swimming Pool Service - Las Vegas, NV

Weekly Pool Service
A pool is one of the more significant investments you can make for your home. Keep your pool functioning at its best with weekly pool service from Las Vegas Pool Pros. Our team provides skimming, vacuuming, brushing, and repair services to keep your pool performing at its highest possible level.
Pool Acid Wash
Acid washing is an essential part of pool ownership. The process removes algae, chlorine, and any stains that may be residing on your pool walls or bottom. If you notice discolorations on the pool’s walls, odds are an acid washing is in order. When done correctly, an acid wash will keep your pool free of algae and unwanted build-up for up to seven years at a time.
Pool Maintenance
Proper pool maintenance is a vital part of protecting the longevity of your pool. That includes maintaining the water chemistry, skimming debris, removing algae, replacing filters, and performing repairs. To make sure you have all these aspects and more covered, we offer weekly pool maintenance that is designed to work around your schedule and needs.
Pool Tile Cleaning
In the same way that a bathtub can have a ring of grime from hard-water deposits, so too can pools. Tile cleaning removes the scum from every crack and crevice while also minimizing the chance for algae growth or dirt accumulation. This intensive process ensures your pool looks good all season long and makes future cleaning much more manageable.
Algae Removal
On a warm and sunny day, algae can grow fast—fast enough to quickly take over your pool. To eliminate the risk of potential pathogens, Las Vegas Pool Pros performs comprehensive algae removal that leaves your pool clean and water chemistry unchanged. We use a multi-pronged approach to ensure even the most resilient algae won’t linger.

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Best Pool Cleaning Company in The Country

As a pool owner in Las Vegas, you have a lot of choices when it comes to pool cleaning services. None, though, can match COMPANY NAME’s combination of skill and experience. It is why so many people have made us the only pool cleaning service they will ever use.

We understand that you would rather swim a few laps or splash around in the shallow end than wait endlessly for people to clean your pool. That is why we make a concerted effort to provide the fastest, most efficient cleaning, maintenance, and repairs possible. That way, you and your family can get back in the water sooner rather than later.
Las Vegas Pool Pros has built its reputation on trust. We stand by the quality of our craftsmanship and accuracy of our quotes to provide you with outstanding service. From routine maintenance to full-service repairs, you can rest assured knowing we always deliver on our promises.
One of the reasons families choose Las Vegas Pool Pros time and again is because of our competitive prices. We pride ourselves on the highest-quality service with the lowest possible price tag. No matter what the competition quotes for products or services, we are confident we can beat them.

About us

Experience and skill are essential factors when deciding on your pool service. Las Vegas Pool Pros has personally performed maintenance and repairs on thousands of pools across Las Vegas. No problem is too complicated or overwhelming for us to solve.

Our mission is to deliver unparalleled pool service with 100 percent customer satisfaction. Family-owned and operated in Las Vegas, Las Vegas Pool Pros will do whatever it takes to get you the necessary maintenance and repairs to keep your pool sparkling.

Pool Cleaning Services

Some of our most popular services are acid washing and algae removal, as well as pool filter, tile, and green pool cleaning. Additionally, we offer comprehensive repairs for all of your pool technology, including pumps and heaters.

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