Pool Heater Repair

Pool Heater Repair

Odds are you and your family do not think about the pool heater. Not until you splash into the unusually frigid water and come up gasping for air do you realize it is time for pool heater repairs.

How Much Does It Cost to Put a Heater in a Pool?

he cost of a pool heater depends on the size and type of pool. Typically, low-end heaters cost around $100 while more expensive units can run over $2,000. On average, you can expect to pay about $423, according to Home Advisor.

Before buying a new heater, note that the size will determine the price of repairs. For instance, a small heater will be relatively inexpensive to fix. On the other hand, things like saltwater pools require more specialization and can lead to higher costs for service.

What Size Heater Do I Need for My Pool?

Again, the size of the heater depends on the size of the pool. A smaller pool heater (100-200 BTU) is tailored for 1,000 to 10,000 gallons of water or a pool surface area of 300 square feet.

For 10,000- to 20,000-gallon pools or 500 square feet, a 200-300 BTU heater is fine. If your pool is more than 40,000 gallons, then you should invest in a 400 BTU heater. Check out this handy guide for more information about choosing the proper heater for your pool.
Pool Filter Cleaning
If you enjoy swimming in crystal blue waters, then you can thank your pool filter. These devices reduce dirt, debris, and other potentially harmful substances from lingering in the water. Through suction and circulation, filters trap and remove these particles from the pool.

How Do You Clean a Pool Pump Filter?

Before giving your pool filter a deep cleaning, hose it off to get rid of surface-level contaminants. Then place it in a large container full of a mixture of water and cleaner. Place the filter in the container and let it sit for at least ten hours. After removing it, give the screen one final rinse before putting it back.
What Do Soak Your Pool Filter In?
While a hose is often enough to clean a pool filter, sometimes you need a little extra assistance. You can use anything from commercially available pool filter cleaners to dish soap and dishwasher detergent. The general rule of thumb is to use one cup of product for every five gallons of water. If there is deep-set grime, like algae, feel free to add in additional cleaners, such as muriatic acid.

Hong Long Does a Pool Filter Last?

A pool filter will run for roughly 2,000 hours and should be replaced every year or two. Of course, the timeframe depends on what goes into the pool and how hard the filter has to work. For instance, if friends and family go swimming with a lot of sunscreens, deodorants, or other chemicals, it can wear out the filter more quickly.

There are a couple of things to keep an eye on regarding pool filters. A higher PSI is a sign of a dirty cartridge. Similarly, look out for cracks in the end caps, flat pleats, and rips or frays in the filter’s fabric.