Algae Removal

Algae Removal

This scenario may sound familiar: You are looking to escape the 100-degree heat of Las Vegas by taking a dip in the family pool. After slathering on sunscreen and putting on your swimsuit, you walk into the backyard—only to find the water is green. While algae may have staked a claim to your pool, Pool Pros has the tools and resources to remove it quickly.

What Causes Pool Algae?

Algae spores can get into a pool from the wind, rain, or even from bathing suits. Of course, for algae to flourish, it also needs the ideal conditions. Algae thrive when there is a combination of warm temperatures, sunlight, carbon dioxide, nitrates, and phosphates.

Above all else, though, algae do best when the pool has a lack of circulation, maintenance, and filtration. These lack of preventative measures means algae can grow uninterrupted. When algae are present in a pool, you may start to notice discoloration, problems with the pool pumps or filters, and spikes in pH and chlorine levels.

Does Pool Algae Make You Sick?

Algae alone are not harmful, but Pool Pros does not recommend swimming in it. That is because algae can harbor pathogens, parasites, and bacteria that can make you sick. If you were to go swimming in green pool water, these unregulated microbes may enter your body and lead to ear infections, diarrhea, and other complications.

How do You Get Rid of Pool Algae?

There are more than 21,000 types of algae, and Pool Pros can get rid of every single one of them. Our experts use specialty chemicals, vacuums, and brushes to combat the causes of algae growth.

We will also assist your family in implementing best practices when it comes to keeping your pool clean and clear. Some approaches include practicing proper filtration to maintain adequate water circulation and using automatic pool cleaners.