Pool Pump Repair

Pool Pump Repair

The pump is the engine behind the scenes that keeps your pool operating at its best. It helps to sanitize the water and circulates necessary chemicals to balance alkalinity and pH. The pump is also what brings water to the filters, heater, and chlorinating systems. 

If you notice a leak, unusual noises, or an empty pump basket, it may be time for repairs. Pool Pros can help troubleshoot to find the source of the problem. From there, we will take a personalized service approach to ensure the pump is working like new. 

How Long Does a Pool Pump Last?

A pool pump will typically last for eight to ten years before needing replacement or rebuilding service. Pumps are designed for continuous use, though their life can be extended based on the conditions. Shielding it from weather and unnecessary moisture can prevent problems from hindering performance.

What Does a Pool Pump Do?

The purpose of a pool pump is to keep your family pool clean with fresh, circulating water. To achieve this effect, it pulls water into a skimmer and filters the contents before returning it to the pool. This function makes the pump the heart of your pool’s circulation.

How Many Hours a Day Should You Run Your Saltwater Pool Pump?

You do not need to run your saltwater pool pump around the clock to get full benefits. For starters, the energy bill would be astronomical if you did. The general rule of thumb for a saltwater pump is to run the pump for between eight and twelve hours a day.

Why Would a Pool Pump Need to Be Repaired or Replaced?

There is a fine line between knowing when to repair or replace your pool pump. Generally, if there is a minor bearing issue, a clog, or an impeded impeller, you should settle for repair services. If the pump is past its life expectancy or out of date, replace it.

Should I Leave My Pool Pump on All the Time?

No. Running the pump for part of the day is fine. There are even makes and models that can get the job done in less than eight hours. These oversized motors can push through the water in as little as four to six hours.