Pool Acid Wash

Pool Acid Wash

Without regular maintenance, algae and other growths can take over your pool. If left untreated for an extended time, the build-up may become so excessive that they can become permanent. When you notice murky material in the water or stagnation, it is time for an acid wash.

Pool Pros has acid washed many pools across Las Vegas. One of the most common reasons for the service request is a lack of proper maintenance and poor winterizing. These oversights provide prime conditions for algae and other unwanted material to flourish.

What Is a Pool Acid Wash?

Acid washing is a chemical process used to remove unwanted algae and grime. This method is only for pools made of in-ground concrete or gunite. A vinyl lining requires a different cleaning process, and if the growth is bad enough, a new lining may be needed.

Acid washing requires the utmost precision and thoroughness. When done correctly, it can keep a pool clean for at least five years.

How to Properly Perform a Pool Acid Wash

The first step is to completely drain the contents of the pool before cleaning the surfaces. Specialists will then place a thin layer of specialized acid on the walls and bottom of the pool to remove the surface level build-up. In the process, the acid skims off the stained layer of plaster without harming the pool itself.

While the chemicals involved in acid washing are available at your local pool supply store, do not use them haphazardly. Exposure to these chemicals can damage the plaster in the pool, and more importantly, could leave someone with burns or scarring. If you’ve decided to do an acid wash yourself, make sure to wear protective clothing and gear, or consult with a cleaning professional about the procedure.